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So, after learning about fliters and all that fun, (thank you angiechan070707 )
I am making some. All past posts will just stay F-locked, but the new posts, (but the twitters are only f-locked thats it) will be under filters,
Now, I am just posting up the groups, and see if anyone want to join some, over all, if I know your a doll friend, or a rp friend, your aready in the right filter, but if you are like 'rp friend', but happen to like looking at my photos or art or some shit that is maybe not in my rp group, just post here if you want me to put you into the doll filter and so on.

I have to admit that, well, their will be a filter that I am keeping to myself, and a few friends that I trust a lot... (I think some of you know who you are)
I am happy about filters now, so I can finally can use my LJ as what it should be used at times...

Here are the groups if you want to join more than the one you think you are in:

Doll Friends: Mostly Doll things, photos, doll rants, and so on that is around BJD's

Rp Friends: just maybe, really no idea XDDD, maybe small rants about some thing that happened in a rp, (I am not a big fan of Fuckyou_rp) maybe posts about a rp idea, I dont know, still working that out LOL maybe bandom rants and things like that also?

Art-DA: I am going to start posting my comics I do in class, and drawings, so on, mostly I think they will be links to my DA and so on. Maybe other stuff that are doodies.

Also, I have a Over All stuff, about if I get sick or small updates and stuff, normal updates, sometimes I think people may not care for normal updates, so I will just post them here.

To be safe, even if you think I know what filter to put you in, just post anyway?

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